Online Consultation for Doctors

Consultation in medical practice is indispensable for physicians. 

Consultation means that a meeting between physicians to discuss the diagnosis or treatment of a case. It is very important because it is the main opportunity for the doctor to explore the patient’s problems and concerns and discuss them with her/his colleagues and to start to identify the reasons for their ill health and treat them.

Improvements in the internet technologies supplied us very usefully opportunities. It is possible now to consult a patient with his/her findings with other physicians using internet without any limitations of locations.

 Online Consultation for Doctors” is a service and it is developed by Lerensoft which is a company developing solutions for medical professionals.

The main product of Lerensoft is MediCap. MediCap can get video and images from medical devices such as ultrasonography, echocardiography, endoscopic surgery suits etc. Users can easily record their procedures. “Online Consultation for Doctors” service is integrated with MediCap. It means that when doing medical procedure, MediCap records it. When you want to consult a finding with your colleagues, you will just click on a button in MediCap. MediCap will open “Online Consultation for Doctors” service and it will give you a link. Share this link with your friend. You friend will connect you and watch your medical procedure instantly...

You can also consult previously recorded medical prosedures with your colleagues within MediCap.